API Management

Secure, Effective API Lifecycle Management

In the application economy, businesses rely on application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect systems, deliver better customer experiences, and seize new opportunities, which means efficiently creating and managing APIs is critical. Power Your Digital Initiatives with analyst-acclaimed Layer7 API Management—a proven way to develop the apps that drive your business.



What is API Management?

APIs are the glue connecting application backends with web, mobile and IoT devices and services. Modernize your architecture by adding microservices for an agile, flexible backend that will help you deliver great customer experiences and applications to customers across any device. API Management covers the complete lifecycle that governs the creation, deployment, promotion and optimization of APIs on the provisioning side, as well as their discovery, acquisition and consumption by app developers and other API consumers.


Transform your business with Full-Lifecycle API Management

Ensure your digital strategy has the right foundation to capitalize on new opportunities. Bring enterprise data to life at every stage of the lifecycle with API Management solutions from Layer7 and APIIDA.


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Layer7 API Gateway

Transform legacy, connect systems and apply consistent security and governance to your APIs. Layer7 API Gateway is an extensible, scalable, high-performance gateway to connect your most important data and applications across any combination of cloud, container or on-premises environments. Get industry-leading orchestration, optimization and other runtime features proven in the most demanding environments. Deploy as a standalone solution or with the Layer7 API Developer Portal in private cloud or hybrid configurations for complete API management with ultimate control.
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Layer7 Mobile API Gateway

Create and secure 5-star, IoT-ready apps that engage users, deliver industry-leading security and power new digital experiences. With a powerful toolset to speed app development, Layer7 Mobile API Gateway simplifies all key mobile security and management processes, reduces developer workload and provides the scale and integration necessary to support mobile-first businesses and enable IoT.
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Layer7 API Developer Portal

Bring API publishers and consumers together to build powerful API ecosystems. Your API portal is a central hub for API teams to apply powerful runtime policies, define API plans and publish APIs to select development organizations. App developers are empowered with easy API discovery, registration and onboarding, interactive documentation and testing tools.
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Layer7 Live API Creator

Create microservices in minutes. Design your service, apply robust logic and expose an enterprise-class API up to 10x faster than traditional coding when you use an extensible low-code development platform to aggregate data sources.
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APIIDA API Gateway Manager

APIIDA API Gateway Manager is the market-leading solution for API Operations Automation, providing a complete set of features for fast and reliable API Deployment and Migration and comprehensive API Monitoring and Alarming. Easily and reliably monitor and manage multiple Layer7 API Gateway instances in distributed environments. Quickly respond to problems, speed the meantime to repair and maintain critical business processes. Automate the migration of API services across environments, ensure a continuous DevOps process and accelerate time-to-market for new service deployments.
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APIIDA PSD2 Solution Pack

APIIDA PSD2 Solution Pack provides an out-of-the-box XS2A (Access to Accounts) set of API services to be readily deployed on a Layer7 API Gateway*. It delivers the required APIs to comply with the PSD2 regulation, based on the Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 Framework. The highly secure, extensible and high-performance Layer7 API Gateway lets you connect your core-banking applications easily and reliably.
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The API Management Playbook

The API Management Playbook: Understanding Solutions for API Management
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Developing Secure Mobile Apps

A Winning API Strategy: Developing Secure Mobile Apps With a UX that Delights Customers
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Choosing the Right API Management Solution

Choosing the Right API Management Solution for the Enterprise User

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Layer7 API Management

Layer7 API Management: The Industry’s Leading Platform for Enterprise-Scale API Management
API Management

APIIDA API Gateway Manager

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APIIDA API Gateway Manager is the market-leading solution for API Operations Automation, providing a complete set of features for fast and reliable API Deployment and Migration and comprehensive API Monitoring and Alarming.
API Management

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