Business Agility with a Fully Automated, Agile Enterprise

Today’s business world is more competitive than ever as advances in technology disrupt every industry. To remain relevant, you need to free up resources to focus on strategic imperatives that drive revenue, retain customers and enable agility.


Automic Digital Business Automation

Automic Automation gives you the agility, speed and reliability required for effective Digital Business Automation. From a single unified platform, Automic centrally delivers the Workload Automation, Self-Service Automation, and Big Data Automation capabilities needed to drive growth of your company and accelerate your digital transformation.
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Automic Continuous Delivery Director

Automic Continuous Delivery Director (formerly CA Continuous Delivery Director) provides a real-time workflow for monitoring and managing features and fixes throughout your entire pipeline. The result?

  • Teams have full visibility into app progress
  • Multi-app dependencies are easily managed
  • Development efforts consistently map to business requirements
This is more than release planning. It’s end-to-end orchestration and optimization that drives a culture of shared ownership between all your teams—and helps you deliver higher-quality applications faster.
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Automic Continuous Delivery Automation

Automic Continuous Delivery Automation delivers application-ready infrastructures to help you achieve continuous delivery through dev, test and production environments.

The Automic Continuous Delivery Automation plug-in for Automic Continuous Delivery Director allows you to import the Application model (applications, environments, etc.) from the integrated Automic Continuous Delivery Automation instance and start both application and general workflows directly from the Automic Continuous Delivery Director user interface to enable ‘mission control’ for your releases.
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Automic Job Request Management

Many business processes are mapped in scheduling systems. These processes change regularly. When combined with change requests—which are often unstructured, heterogeneous and non-audit-compliant—the result is an IT situation that is costly and disorganized.

Jobs, job plans and scripts need to be updated on a regular basis. Transmission via email and phone does not allow for accurate monitoring and tracking of change requests.
The methods used in practice (phone, email, etc.) are often not auditable. It's hard to see what each person has requested and when changes are made.

Automic Job Request Management solution provides change requests in one convenient web GUI and stores the requests with the associated documents in a central database. Processes are easily designed by drag-and-drop in the integrated BPMN 2.0 designer. The requests are then processed according to the process definition.

The scheduling of job, job plans and other objects can be done manually, semi-automated or fully automated.
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Automic Omniview

Automic Omniview (formerly CA Automic Omniview) allows you to harvest the knowledge contained in your IT workflows to improve your understanding of the complex interdependencies that support your business operations.

Automic Omniview automatically documents IT operations processes in real time, providing a fully documented repository of all production processes. Information is updated on an ongoing basis, so that it is completely up to date, even for changes made on the fly. Available in multiple formats, including HTML and PDF, the generated documentation is fully standardized so that it can easily be shared across teams.
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