APIIDA Expert Services

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APIIDA Expert Services

You have strategic decisions to make or challenging projects to master? Your business and IT environment is constantly changing, and you need to keep pace? You have limited resources available or other challenges that make you look for external support?
Take advantage of our Expert Services for Layer7 API Management solutions, including:

Layer7 API Gateway
Layer7 Mobile API Gateway
Layer7 API Developer Portal
Layer7 Live API Creator
Our consultants have a wealth of experience and have worked with customers and partners from many different industries across Europe and globally. Together with our Services Partner network, we cover all major countries and languages in Europe.
Our professional services experts follow an approach that focuses on helping you achieve your desired business outcomes. Leveraging deep technical expertise and field-tested best practices, we work with you to align project goals to the outcomes of greatest value and highest priority to your organization. We incorporate this approach in every engagement - tailored to your needs to help you accelerate success.
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Our Expert Services portfolio for Layer7 and APIIDA API Management solutions includes:

NEW: Upgrade Services for Layer7 Gateway Release 10

Take advantage of our expertise with upgrading to the new release 10 of the Layer7 API Gateway. In February 2020, our consultants have already attended in-depth training courses on upgrading the Gateway (as well as the API Developer Portal), together with the global Broadcom team in Vancouver. This will ensure we are there to support you with with your upgrade plans from Day 1.

The new release brings a number of exciting enhancements, but also has a couple of points to plan and execute properly when upgrading:

Release 10 is built on a hardened CentOS7 image (DISA RHEL 7 STIG compliant), with patch support until 2024. In November 2020 the existing RHEL and CentOS 6 platforms will lose general support (see https://wiki.centos.org/about/product for details).

The upgrade is not the usual L7P file upgrade, but due to the complete rework of the platform a new image is needed. This is the case for Physical and Virtual Appliances.

For some of our customers, upgrading to the latest release of the Gateway has already been an ideal opportunity to progress to a Cloud platform. We are highly experienced in deploying Layer7 Gateway solutions into Kubernetes environments.

NEW: Upgrade Services for Layer7 API Developer Portal Release 4.5

Together with the Layer7 API Management suite version 10, its Developer Portal version 4.5 (API Portal) was recently made generally available.

It allows API owners to control how APIs are published, and enables consumers to discover what services are available.

It has a much-improved statistics and analytics engine to help provide crucial business reports.

It helps operations teams monitor API performance by integrating with enterprise-grade API monitoring tools.

API Portal simplifies API discovery for developers and provides them with access to enterprise data to build apps fast. Relationships with developers, partners, and third parties are easily managed, whilst analytics provide valuable operational data.

Do you want to benefit from its latest features as soon as possible? Or do you simply want your API Portal to remain fully compatible with up-to-date API Gateway versions?

Upgrading from the “Classic Portal” 3.x versions is not straight forward, but our Layer7 Experts are here to guide, support and even do the work for you. Trust in our competence and we will make the transition easy for you.

Architecture Planning

APIIDA solution subject matter experts will work with you to plan or review the design for any new or expansion project and ensure that the proposed architecture is in line with solution best practices. Our experts have extensive experience in the industry from a variety of implementations.

Implementation Services

Our expert implementation staff of onsite and remote consultants can bring implementations to bear quickly, accelerate timelines and increase solution value rapidly.

Our quick time-to-value implementations allow you to efficiently implement the solutions with leading practices and minimal customizations, ensuring a robust, scalable solution that is supportable and upgradable long term.

Upgrade Services

Are you running a product release that will be EOS (End-of-Service) soon, meaning it will no longer be maintained and supported? We offer Upgrade Services to support you with the upgrade to the current product release.

Our experienced professionals provide a clear upgrade approach that reduces risk and the burden on your staff so you can focus on the business. Keeping current on product releases can deliver measurable benefit while you take advantage of new functionality and features to make security a competitive advantage.

Health Check Services

Does your architecture design, implementation and operations still meet best-practice standards? Which security gaps or failure risks could have crept in? Does the sizing of your API management still fit to the possibly drastically increased volume your interfaces have to cope with?

Our Health Check Services assess the current state of your licensed Layer7 security solutions to validate and identify opportunities for improved performance. The service will review the technical structure of the deployed solution and the functionality provided, as well as review operational strategy and procedures, and conduct a training needs analysis of the support staff.

Solution Adoption Analysis

Are you still getting the most from your Layer7 solution implementation? What untapped potential could there be in it that may not have played a role for you and your business when it was first implemented? Which additional use-cases can it be applied for? Which useful add-ons are recommended?

These and other benefit-oriented considerations are at the core of our Solution Adoption Check.

Training and Education

New members in your team require introductory Layer7 API Management education or an overall knowledge transfer? Your experienced staff is interested in keeping their skills up-to-date and looking for an advanced-level training? Your operations would benefit from a summary of latest release functionality and hints and tips?

Regardless whether onsite at your offices or at APIIDA training facilities, we’ll tailor our trainings so that they will meet your individual needs.

Enhanced Support Services

In the digital economy, the performance of your IT is particularly relevant for meeting the expectations of your business, and – even more – it drives your business. If working well, your IT has the potential to be a key competitive differentiator. At the same time, your environment has become more complex than ever. APIIDA Enhanced Support Services will help you and your team deliver a state-of-the-art experience to your internal and external customers. Major outcomes are:

Improved Productivity
Faster Issue Resolution
Higher Availability
Increased Satisfaction

APIIDA Enhanced Support Services provide premium services on top of regular support services and maintenance. Download the product information below and read more about the enhanced value you receive.