Service Management

A Modern and Comprehensive Approach to ITSM

With today’s service management solutions, the constructs to deliver services based on modern user and customer expectations—with agility—are just not where they need to be. We need to stop the broken processes and start providing service management that works the way people do—with an approach that embraces teams and experience, not tickets. It needs to be based on automation, machine-learning and analytic insights to drive better productivity and informed decision-making across all IT processes, from incident management to release management. It should empower and optimize your modern workplace.

CA Service Desk Manager

CA Service Desk Manager provides innovative change management, extensive automation and out-of-the-box best practice content that help enable a proactive approach to IT service management and reduce business costs and risk.

CA Service Desk Manager is designed to help IT service desk analysts make every moment count through a dynamic experience so they can deliver great customer service without the fear of overbearing processes or metrics. With the solution, teams can embrace teamwork rather than working from siloed knowledge stashes and disjointed communications.
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CA Service Catalog

CA Service Catalog enables you to define, publish, and measure services in business terms and to provide financial insight into costs and consumption.

It helps you expose specific service offerings where, when, and how they are needed, whether mobile, in existing business HTML pages or in portals, including Microsoft® SharePoint® and Liferay environments. This helps reduce administrative costs and enables your business consumers to select services where they need them, helping them be more productive and improving customer satisfaction. This IT service catalog can also automate the delivery of services across multiple IT silos to help increase your productivity.
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CA Asset Portfolio Management

CA Asset Portfolio Management helps you deliver proven ROI and control IT spending, enable regulatory and policy compliance and improve service delivery.

The IT asset management software determines what you’re paying in hardware fees to help you optimize your cost structure and reallocate underutilized assets.

The extensive features of this IT asset management software provide a proven solution to help you proactively manage the lifecycle of your assets. This robust IT solution also helps improve service delivery by supporting the automated review, approval, and fulfillment processes for hardware requests. Business consumers, power users, and decision-makers are provided with a modern self-service user experience where they can view their IT assets, request new assets and services, collaborate with other users and resolve issues in a single place.
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CA Client Automation

CA Client Automation delivers a complete view into your entire IT asset base and employs full automation and remote client management capabilities for managing the end user computing environment—whether physical or virtual. No matter how complex your IT environment, it streamlines the daily operational tasks that bog down your IT organization, helping you run more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

This client management solution enables you to increase the efficiency and security of desktops, laptops, servers and devices with user self-service, policy-based client automation and robust analytics. It also unifies the management of your physical and virtual environment in order to reduce management complexity and improve service delivery—all while supporting your transformation to the next generation of desktop management.
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CA Configuration Automation

CA Configuration Automation automatically discovers network devices, servers, operating systems, applications, databases, and middleware running in your infrastructure, inventories their configuration settings, and maps discovered components to dependent IT services for change impact analysis.

It captures data and dependency information into snapshots that let you establish configuration baselines and gold-standard for continuous change tracking and to detect configuration drifts. Detected configuration changes are reconciled with baselines and authorized change manifest for manual or automated remediation based on best practice change management lifecycle processes.

CA Configuration Automation also includes 1000s of rules and compliance blueprints to help you enforce and audit your environment for compliance with industry benchmarks and to meet standards such as PCI and DISA.
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CA Business Service Insight

This SLA management solution can help your organization better articulate the value of your IT in business terms and understand service performance from the top down.

CA Business Service Insight focuses on contractual service level management to help your organization move beyond simple monitoring of transactional performance, infrastructure elements, and individual incidents - helping you better understand the impact of operational performance on your contractual obligations.

Using this SLA management solution helps your company communicate the value of the services they deliver, enhance performance of contractual service level agreements and identify service options that will help advance your business further.
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