Continuous Testing

Make quality your business differentiator

Successful digital initiatives are made possible when businesses make a conscious shift to quality in their software development. Broadcom Continuous Testing helps business leaders scale digital innovation with the use of intelligent test automation that constantly monitors, orchestrates and optimizes CI/CD workflows. By embedding quality throughout the software lifecycle, businesses eliminate QA bottlenecks to drive the speed and quality of their software releases. When teams constantly learn by testing for continuous feedback, they make informed decisions together that consistently improve the quality of their software experiences.

Blazemeter Continuous Testing Platform

Eliminate test bottlenecks to keep pace with Agile Development. Broadcom offers a complete continuous testing platform that’s suited for all teams, to test as-code inside the IDE or from a lightweight UI. With cloud based test functionalities deeply integrated in an intuitive workflow, businesses can start delivering innovation with quality and speed.
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Test Data Manager

Test Data Manager offers an automated solution to one of the most time-consuming and resource-intensive problems in Continuous Delivery: the creating, maintaining and provisioning of the test data needed to rigorously test evolving applications. Test Data Manager uniquely combines elements of data subsetting, masking, synthetic, cloning and on-demand data generation to enable testing teams to meet the agile needs of the organization.
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Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization simulates unavailable systems across the software development lifecycle (SDLC), allowing developers, testers, integration, and performance teams to work in parallel for faster delivery and higher application quality and reliability. You’ll be able to accelerate software release cycle times, increase quality and reduce software testing environment infrastructure costs.
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Agile Requirements Designer

Agile Requirements Designer is a sophisticated testing tool that uses the concepts of model-based testing to provide end-to-end support for requirements gathering, test design, test creation, test automation, and more. It helps Business Analysts to define unambiguous requirements, and assists Testers with the efficient creation of test cases, and automated tests. Developers can plug Agile Requirements Designer into their existing test management tools and link test cases with relevant test data and expected results.
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Automic Continuous Delivery Director

Automic Continuous Delivery Director orchestrates releases utilizing open source, commercial, and homegrown solutions across the DevOps toolchain, including planning, CI, testing, and deployment tools. The solution coordinates the end-to-end pipeline, triggering actions and gathering data for reporting and analytics. These actions and analytics help teams to build a more efficient and productive continuous delivery pipeline, ultimately delivering more value to customers.
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